You understand and agree that Filter Grid will not be liable or responsible for any loss or damage due to any reason. By using Filter Grid Forex Robot, you acknowledge that you are familiar with these risks and that you are solely responsible for the outcomes of your decisions. We accept no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from the use of this product. You understand and agree that past results are not necessarily indicative of future performance.

i. Products’ detailed description on how to install Filter Grid EA are provided among clients and users upon purchase with our Installation Manual Guide.The clients and users should not expect more aside from the package inclusion description that Filter Grid had provided. Please follow the steps we have detailed on the Installation Guide to ensure that the Filter Grid EA will work in your account.

ii. The products has three types of licences

Basic License that runs on (1) One Live Account (Real or Demo Account) for 30 days

Pro License that runs on (1) One Live Account (Real or Demo Account) for 1 Year

Premium License that runs on (3) Three Live Accounts (Real or Demo Account) for 2 Years


If a client wishes to run the EA in multiple accounts simultaneously, the client can:

1. Get another copy of the EA by purchasing another license or;

2. Get the Premium Version which allows the EA to be run in (3) Three Accounts simultaneously.

iii. Premium License

It allows you to load the EA in 3 Live Accounts simultaneously with Two (2) years of validity.

Note that the duration of the validity of all Three (3) Licenses begins on the date of purchase not on the date it was activated or used. 

iv. You can only change your account number (1x) Once and It is only restricted for transfer from Demo to Real. This is to give way for clients who wish to test the EA first in Demo before loading it in Real Account.

v. There is only one (1) expiry date for 3 licenses regardless of when the other licenses was activated or created. The validity of the license begins when the license was purchased.

vi. Filtergrid should send the product to the client within 24 to 48 hours upon confirmation of email and payment. But when we are online, as soon as we have verified your payment we will immediately activate and send the product to you less than the time alloted stated above. For faster processing, upon purchase please provide the account number and its type: whether Real or Demo that you wish to use with your EA following the format below in the Subject Line. Send the email to

e.g. Account Name, Account Number, Account Type

Christian James, 05785689, Real

Rose King, 01354164, Demo

vi. Upgrading Your Licenses

Clients can upgrade their licenses and just pay for the difference.

A. From Basic to Pro

Purchased Basic at $37 in January

On February, You can get the Pro Version by just adding $62 USD to complete the payment and avail the Upgrade to Pro version.

With the upgrade, the validity of the EA license will expire in January. (12 months)

The Filter Grid EA Team will only consider the latest Basic License Purchase in upgrading your account


Purchased Basic at $37 in January

Purchased it again $37 in February

On March, should you wish to repurchase again you will need to pay $62 for the upgrade. 

With the upgrade, the validity of the EA license will expire in February. (12 months)

B. From Pro to Premium

Filter Grid EA has a special formula for the license upgrade from Pro to Premium

Filter Grid will compute the number of days from when the first license was purchased and up until the day the Pro version was upgraded to Premium.


Filter Grid Team will provide the sample computation for further explanation after the Upgrade was made.


vii. We do not provide the SET Files or any Files related to Filter Grid EA Optimization.

Since preference of time frame, instruments to trade and outcome vary per user, the optimization will be solely dependent on clients' discretion considering his risk preference in trading.

It is the responsibility of the buyer to understand this term prior to purchasing the Filter Grid EA

viii. The client and users should not reproduce, alter, decompile and copy the software in any form, any contents of the website, instructional guide, manual, and other images, adapting the system’s codes and any other third-party related activity making Filter Grid their own without the permission or knowledge of our Team. For clients, who are found guilty would mean automatic cancellation of updates, and revoking of licenses.

ix. Once we have detected that you have been sharing our download links to others, or personal information like login, and passwords. We will automatically ban you and suspend your licenses without any question.

x. It is part of the Filtergrid’s clients’ Privileges to receive updates of their products’ software for free. Updates are given if the management has found that during the team’s testing, the current product settings are no longer applicable to the market’s current conditions. Updates are automatically done directly in our server to ensure that all its client’s systems are up to date with the latest adjustments made.

Filtergrid has the right to change our terms without prior notice.